NOSTOS. A Journey of Others

NOSTOS. A Journey of Others Photo credit: Christoph Bächtle

Oratorio for soli, choir and orchestra

Austrian premiere

A large-scale orchestra concert in the Murau parish church will take the place of the Gala Concert in the WM Hall this year. It will be performed on two separate dates, the 24th and 25th of August.

Incidentally, the world premiere took place in February 2018 in Stuttgart. As with the world premiere in Germany, about 150 performers will be on stage in Murau as well. The University of Hohenheim Symphony Orchestra and the Solitude Choir of Stuttgart, both from Germany, are expected to perform together with the MIMF Festival Choir. Special light effects will ensure an especially unique atmosphere in the church.

Once again Zane Zalis has packed a serious and controversial topic into catchy, dynamic music. This symphonic, melodious and sometimes opulent work invites reflection and touches one through its sensitivity and power. In the past we were privileged to witness the premieres of excerpts of this oratorio about exclusion, persecution and expulsion, that is, human tragedies unleashed by other humans.

The concert will be rounded out by the world premiere of a selected piece from the international call for compositions.

Triptychon eines Einsamen (Triptych of a Lonely Human) by Günther Antesberger

Triptychon eines Einsamen was inspired by the lyric work of the Upper Carinthian poet Siegfried P. Gelhausen (born in 1950 in Irschen, Carinthia). Gelhausen and his creations are considered nonconformist and unconventional.  His dialect poems speak neither of the desire for an idyll nor the yearning for an ideal world. His work is highly prized above all for its clear language, memorable images and its tendency to deal with the things we are often oblivious to. Based on selected poems from the volume “mei longe wondaschoft zur sunn...” (“my long wanderings to the sun”) (1994), Günther Antesberger has created three sketches that can be outlined as “Dreamlike”, “Turbulent Relationship” and “Vision”. He has rendered their various moods melodically and memorably into musical images that unite to form a coherent whole.

Friday, August 24: Murau parish church

Saturday, August 25: Murau parish church

Begin: 7:30 pm
Doors: 6 pm

University of Hohenheim Symphony Orchestra
Solitude Choir of Stuttgart
MIMF Festival Choir



Steiermärkischen Sparkasse, Murau
Schillerplatz 4-6
8850 Murau
T: +43 5 0100 - 36166

 Ticket prices:

     Adult reduced*    Adult reduced*
Category 1   24 Euro 20 Euro   28 Euro 24 Euro
Category 2   19 Euro 16 Euro   23 Euro 19 Euro
Category 3   12 Euro 12 Euro   16 Euro 16 Euro

* Reduced: Youths and students between 12 and 24 years
Children up to 12 years: free 
Spark 7 members get a discount of 1 Euro on tickets in any category.




Additional Info

  • Veranstaltungsort: Murau parish church
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