Alejandra Torres

Alejandra Torres, a violinist from Columbia, has lived and worked in Austria for more than 18 years. After many years in the music business she is now continuing her solo career and will present excerpts to the audience at the Gala Concert.
She began her career as a classical musician at an early age performing as a soloist with the Symphony Orchestra of Columbia when she was 13. She has received numerous awards and prizes including second place at the “Concurso Internacional de Violin de la biblioteca Luis Angel Arango” in 1996 and first place at the national competition “Columbia Suena Bien” from SONY Music in the category of best classical soloist. That prize offered her the opportunity to continue her musical studies as a 17-year-old at the University for Music and Performing Arts Vienna. While there she studied with Gerald Schubert, a descendent of the famous Franz Schubert and head of the department of second violins of the Vienna Philharmonics. Alejandra Torres graduated with honors and was the first Latin American violinist to perform with the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, a remarkable career move for a woman as this renowned orchestra rarely admits female musicians.

Interested in different styles of music Alejandra met the world famous composer, music producer and bass player of the “Snow Owl” band, Juan Garcia-Herreros and the pianist and composer Juan Carlos Paniagua, with whom the album “Tres caminos” was recorded. Their style is a mix of classical and Columbian music, jazz and world music (fusion). Their producer was the Grammy award winner Georg O. Luksch.

After a two-year break from the violin where she worked as the manager of Juan Garcia- Herreros’ group “Snow Owl”, she became a member of this formation as a singer and violinist and performed in concerts all over the world. She can look back on joint performances with renowned musicians, including Grammy winners. She has played, for example, with Hector Martignon, Roberto Quintero, Stoyan Yankoulov, Mamadou Diabate, Sabri Tulug Tirpan, Bertl Mayer, Davy Honnet, Nicola Stanosevic, Marcio Tubino as well as with the singers SuCh, Poli Genova and Jennifer Jade Ledesna. In addition, she was part of the production team of the album “Normas” which was nominated for the best Latin Jazz Album at the “Latin Grammy Awards” in 2014. Moreover, she was the director of the association “Snow Owl Kunst – Bildung – Integration” (“Snow Owl Art – Education – Integration”) dedicated to the organization of concerts to bring various cultures of the world together. For three consecutive years she organized in St. Peter am Kammersberg concerts on “International Jazz Day” - initiated by the piano jazz legend Herbie Hancock this is a day on which jazz concerts take place all over the world. The latest album “The Blue Road” by Juan Garcia Herreros, in which she was involved as violinist and manager, won three Gold Medals at the “Global Music Awards” in the USA. With this production, Alejandra Torres, after seven years, left this stage of her career to face new challenges.

Since 2017 she has been concentrating on her new project “Alejandra Torres” where she reveals more of herself, contributing all her talent and experience. Her music is a mix of classical, Latin, jazz, Latin-jazz and Columbian and Latin American music.
Alejandra Torres also had the honor of participating as an international volunteer at the famous “Panama Jazz Festival” directed by Patricia Pérez and her husband Danilo Pérez. In 2018 she will actively participate in the exchange program “Intercambio de Musica Clásica”.

She is currently working on her own solo album entitled “Renacer” (Reborn), which will be released in September. Alejandra Torres is supported for this project by internationally renowned musicians.
She will give us a taste of all this at the Gala Concert of MIMF!