Triptychon eines Einsamen by Günther Antesberger

Triptychon eines Einsamen by Günther Antesberger image: Fritz-Press Klagenfurt

Despite the predominantly extremely high compositional quality of this year's submissions, the four-member jury came to a unanimous decision.

Triptychon eines Einsamen (Triptych of a Lonely Human) was inspired by the lyric work of the Upper Carinthian poet Siegfried P. Gelhausen (born in 1950 in Irschen, Carinthia). Gelhausen and his creations are considered nonconformist and unconventional.  His dialect poems speak neither of the desire for an idyll nor the yearning for an ideal world. His work is highly prized above all for its clear language, memorable images and its tendency to deal with the things we are often oblivious to. Based on selected poems from the volume “mei longe wondaschoft zur sunn...” (“my long wanderings to the sun”) (1994), Günther Antesberger has created three sketches that can be outlined as “Dreamlike”, “Turbulent Relationship” and “Vision”. He has rendered their various moods melodically and memorably into musical images that unite to form a coherent whole.
Günther Antesberger was born in Klagenfurt in 1943. He studied piano and theory at the State Conservatory in Klagenfurt as well as music education and English at the universities in Graz and Vienna; he played his state exam in piano in 1968. Günther Antesberger earned his PhD in musicology (thesis on the 19th century) at the University in Graz in 1976.  He worked as a program producer for radio and TV at the ORF Broadcasting Carinthia from 1967 to 2005. In addition, he is also active as an author, composer, arranger, instrumentalist and moderator and is the recipient of numerous prizes and awards.

Triptychon eines Einsamen will be premiered as part of the Murau International Music Festival 2018 on the occasion of the Austrian premiere of the oratorio NOSTOS. A Journey of Others by Zane Zalis.


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